Selected Collections and Commissions 

A. F. Gilmore Company-­‐Historic Farmer’s Market/The Grove-­‐Los Angeles, California Elayne Boosler-­‐comedian, writer, and founder of Tails of Joy
     -­‐Bob Barker, host of The Price is Right
     -­‐Roger Dobkowitz, producer of The Price is Right
Corinna Cotsen-­‐trustee Washington University, Craft in America, American Craft Council, and Craft and Folk Art Museum
John Francis-­‐CEO Francis Capital Management
Susan and David Heckerman-­‐Microsoft Research  
Tess Harper-­‐actress,Academy Award Nominee
Barbara Lazaroff-­‐restaurateur. co-­‐owner, and interior designer of Wolfgang Puck Restaurants
Michael LaFetra-­‐LaFetra Foundation, Foundation Films, Rain Bird Corporation, architectural expert, real estate investor
Betsy Aubrey and Dr. Steve Lichtenberg, art collectors
Clair Marlo-­‐singer, composer, producer
Susanne Meline-­‐board member of Craft in America
Mirman School, Los Angeles-­‐John West Art and Artifact Collection
Susan and Graham Nash-­‐singer, composer, photographer  
Jana and Phil Oates-­‐ Chairman at Buzz Oates Group of Companies, Phil and Jana Oates Foundation
Julie and Dean Parks-­‐noted studio musician
Emo Philips, comedian, writer
Julia and Jon Poll-­‐director, producer, writer
Julie and Barr Potter-­‐ President and CEO of Immersive Entertainment
Ruth and Blair Ratcliff-­‐physicist and researcher at Stanford University
Tails of Joy-­‐Elayne Boosler-­‐founder, Los Angeles, California
Trash for Teaching, nonprofit
Carol Sauvion-­‐creator and producer of the PBS series Craft In America and owner of Freehand Gallery
Vicky Simms-­‐Mann-­‐Ronald A. and Victoria Mann-­‐Simms Family Foundation Venice Art Walk
Robert and Dawn Walker-­‐actor, gallery owner, commissioned piece made from his mother’s belongings (Jennifer Jones, Academy Award winner and Mrs. Norton Simon) John Wells-­‐producer, director, writer
Noah Wylie-­‐actor