Ramona Otto

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Artist Statement

Portrait of Ramona Otto

The inspiration for Ramona’s work comes from traditional American folk art themes (hearts, flags, hands, etc.) and the desire she has to “save” and recycle the interesting vintage pieces that she finds battered and bruised at flea markets and yard sales. She puts a “Treasure List” on the back of each piece listing the history of the found objects in the piece. Many of the titles of the pieces involve word play. Ramona has been a teacher of academically gifted children for 35 years, and her classes have always been a receptive audience to her work. The kids enjoy discovering all the treasures in a piece and relate positively to the recycling aspect of her work. Through her art, Ramona is able to model creative thinking, perseverance, the importance of humor, and a sense of passion and fun that comes from being a lifelong learner.

Ramona has made over 80 American flags out of found objects. They have been displayed in a solo exhibition at Los Angeles City Hall, in museums and juried shows, and are included in corporate collections. Her Watch Dogs have appeared in a national ad campaign for The American Cancer Society and have been featured in numerous national magazines.

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